International Undergraduate Program

UNESA International Undergraduate Program aims to provide each student with an academic experience of international quality. Since the curriculum is specifically designed to enable students to compete globally in various fields, all students must do a minimum of 1 month of outbound exchange at their own expense or grant (if selected) to various UNESA partner universities abroad. As a result, they will get the best learning experience at world-class universities and build a global network that could provide significant benefits upon graduation. All academic activities in the International Track program shall be conducted in Indonesian and/or English, while in the International Class, the language of instruction is entirely in English

Students can gain foreign experience through the following activities:

  1. A dual degree programme with a partner university in another country;
  2. A student exchange;
  3. International internship(s);
  4. Short-term academic programmes (international seminars/workshops, winter/summer courses at partner universities overseas, international championships, etc.)