Degree Program

UNESA offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree. To qualify for the award, astudent must complete:

 Bachelor Degree 

  1. Minimum Completed Credit Points = 144
  2. Length of Study = 3,5 - 7 Years
Master Degree

  1. Minimum Completed Credit Points = 36
  2. Length of Study = 1,5 - 4 Years
Doctoral Degree

  1. Minimum Completed Credit Points = 42
  2. Length of Study= 3 - 7 Years

Non-Degree Program

UNESA offers a wide range of non-degree programs including but not limited to:

  1. Summer Course
  2. Short Course
  3. International Credit Transfer
  4. Workshop

Most of the non-degree programs are managed on the faculty level. To keep updated, kindly check the faculty website for the detailed information.

Faculty of Education.

Faculty of Sports Sciences and Health.

Faculty of Languages and Arts.

Faculty of Medicine.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Faculty of Economics and Business.

Faculty of Engineering.

Faculty of Vocational.


Some non-degree programs also provide the credits to be recognized by the sending university.